Local food shelves are benefiting from holiday generosity, but there are certain items that are still in short supply.

The Hunger Task Force says it needs more items people can make a meal out of. That includes things like pasta with sauce and canned tuna with noodles. And they say canned fruits and breakfast cereals go fast.

They also ask people to try to avoid the real unhealthy foods. "So processed things like Mac & Cheese, although they're really a popular item, just really not that great for you, so if we could avoid those types of things and concentrate more on low sodium soups, or plain pastas or brown rice, things you can still make a meal out of, but are going to be a little bit more nutritious," said Hunger Task Force Exec. Dir. Shelly Krause.

If you are unsure what to donate, cash is always a good idea.

The food shelf can buy products and often times get a better deal buying in bulk.