Central High School Fans React To Championship Game

Dedicated Fans Cheer On Central...

MADISON, Wis. (WKBT) - Leave it to fans to sit on the edge of their seats eagerly waiting for their team to score another point. But leave it to Central High School fans to give true meaning to the term 'March Madness'.

The bleachers at Kohl Center in Madison looked something like an earthquake Friday afternoon as over 1,200 Central High School fans cheered on the team.

It was their second year in a row at the Kohl Center as they played Waunakee High School.

Fans of all ages traveled two hours to catch the state championship game. And for the youngest fans, it was well worth being absent from school.

"Totally worth it," one fan said.

The last time Central High School won state was in 1926 but after beating Waunakee High School by 22 points, fans are hopeful winning state is possible.

"It's been a long time since I've seen them in the championship but it looks like they're going to make it," another fan said.

But basketball isn't all that got some fans in the spirit. Central's band director says there's a special kind of energy that comes from the court.

"The energy comes from the court, we just feed off that and keep on giving it back and just keep it going to support the guys out there, it's a lot of fun."

And while it's still unknown whether or not the Central Red Raiders will win state, they've already won the hearts of some of their biggest fans.

"We really want to see them win!"

Central won 78 to 56 and they'll be playing again at 6:35 Saturday night at the Kohl Center for the championship game.


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