The late Onalaska man Frederick R. Funk spent a life-time preserving the place he loved, the Mississippi River.

Funk and his efforts were honored today at Swarthout park in Brice Prairie with the announcement and dedication of a major conservation effort on the shore of Lake Onalaska.

The project will attempt to widen the water channel. Both fishing holes next to the channel will be dredged, making the fishing holes deeper for anglers. The project also includes two new docks and handicap accessible fishing areas.

Ted Dewald, who lives in Funk's house, said the project grew since the original planning started.

"We started on probably a much smaller scale. Just thinking maybe we can get two areas that the boats could dock, well pretty soon we started dreaming, and that's what it takes. We in the Coulee Region I think are great dreamers and have fantastic thoughts and we should. This is one of the greatest places in the world.", said Dewald.

The project  will cost around cost $200,000. Construction is expected to start sometime in 2014.