Diocese of La Crosse Bishop William Callahan released a statement on the passing of Sacred Heart Hospital Chaplain Monsignor Edmund Klimek.

Klimek, 85, died Wednesday. He served in the Diocese of La Crosse for 60 years.

Here is the statement from Bishop Callahan:  
“We are all saddened by the death of Monsignor Edmund Klimek on August 28, 2013. His legacy is based on the fact that he knew the One in whom he believed. He brought Jesus Christ into every single encounter as he worked tirelessly to bring comfort, peace, and healing through his ministry. He was a good and faithful servant.

I recall our meetings in which his humble simplicity and directness of response demonstrated the depth of his character. Monsignor Klimek would often share his thoughts about his ministry and how great the work is we have to accomplish.

May he rest in everlasting peace.”