Bill could bring sweeping changes to Wisconsin DOT

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - A group of Republican lawmakers in Madison is proposing a bill that would bring sweeping changes to the Department of Transportation.

The measure would repeal prevailing wage laws, allow municipalities to impose their own wheel taxes and build roundabouts only through referendums, and reduce staff at the DOT.

During a stop in La Crosse Friday, Department Secretary David Ross says he supports the idea of giving local governments more control over road projects, but wants to see the legislature focus on passing a new state budget.

"I am worried about the budget, because we have to start thinking about how are we going to attract additional federal funds to the state. We need matching dollars to do that, and we need a budget to do that," said Ross.

The state budget expired at the end of June, but previous state funding levels will remain the same until a new budget is passed.

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