People in Oregon love their bikes...but a bicycle hearse?

The Sunset Hills Cemetery & Funeral Home in Eugene, Ore., is capitalizing on the idea, offering "one last ride" through the city's scenic bike paths on the back of a three-wheeled bicycle, according to Eugene TV station KVAL.

"When people see it, they do a doubletake and that's kind of a neat thing," funeral home owner Wade Lind said. "It expands their perception. It takes away the fear of death."

He told KVAL he got the idea from bikers and designed the bicycle hearse himself.

With 120 pounds of metal and 150 to 300 pounds of dead weight, the load can get a little heavy, so Lind outfitted the hearse with a small electric motor to help with pedaling last fall.

He's bicycled five bodies so far and there's now a waiting list -- including himself, someday.