Friends and family came together to support the family of a man who died tragically in a boating accident earlier this week.

22-year-old Tyler Trussoni was working on a Brennan Marine tugboat when it went over Lock and Dam 7 in Dresbach on Wednesday.

The other two men on board made it out but Trussoni did not.

On Saturday, friends and family held a benefit to raise money for his wife Danielle at River Rats on French Island.

One of the organizers, Scott Neumeister, said Trussoni was a wonderful man who will not be forgotten.

"Tyler was quiet. We teased him. He didn't smile a lot. He always looked so straight-faced. It's hard to find a picture of him with a big smile but he had a great sense of humor and he'd do anything for anyone. He had a lot of friends. There are a lot of people who cared for Tyler," said Neumeister.

One of Trussoni's best friends, Brandon Thorson, was at the benefit on Saturday.

He got a tattoo on his arm Saturday morning in honor of his friend.

Thorson also works at Brennan Marine. He said he was on his way to relieve Trussoni's crew when he received word of what happened.

"I didn't know who was missing until I got there and found out it was my buddy, and then devastation really hit me," said Thorson.

Neumeister said about 250 people turned out for the event.

They're hoping to raise about $1,000.