Black cats and dogs are often overlooked by people looking for an addition to their family at animal shelters.

It's a problem the Coulee Region Humane Society is trying to fix by taking part in the nation-wide Back in Black Adoption Event.

The goal is to bring attention to black cats and dogs who often take longer to find a loving home, by giving discounts on adoption prices.

The Coulee Region Humane Society says it has 11 black cats that need a home right now.

Staff say the event gives black animals the attention they might not otherwise get.

"Black animals are harder to see in their kennels. You walk in and you tend to go toward the animals that have the bright colors or the interesting spots. Some people are superstitious. They think that black cats are unlucky but that's certainly not the case. They're wonderful animals like all of the other colors we have here," said Coulee Region Humane Society Marketing Director Liz Meil.

The adoption event takes place Sunday as well.