A new DJ school in Brooklyn is teaching babies how to mix and match beats.

The Baby DJ School, which recently opened in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, carries an interesting philosophy about the benefits of learning DJ fundamentals at a young age, according to Time.com. Founder and instructor Natalie Elizabeth Weiss, a professional musician, claims that in addition to learning how to make music, tots also learn to hone their motor skills as they turn knobs and move sliders to create electronic tunes. Kids learn about the equipment, get behind a deck and mix and match musical tracks. Weiss noted that being "hip" is not the goal of this class, but the goal is to expand young brains while they are still developing. "It's going to be easier for me to teach a 3-month-old how to DJ than it is to teach an adult how to DJ because they have especially plastic minds at that age," Weiss told ABC News.