Area residents, leaders call for Losey Boulevard repairs

Area residents, leaders call for...

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Barb Clark has lived in her house on Losey Boulevard for 28 years.  It's fair to say she loves it there but there's one exception: "It probably shakes quite a few times a day."

Clark says there's a constant vibration in her house. "Mostly in the early morning hours between midnight and six."

The overlay on northbound Losey Boulevard has been in bad shape for years, says common council member Gary Padesky. "A few years back they had done La Crosse Street to Madison Street and they were going to do this section and they put it off."

Padesky says the road has become so unstable, it rattles the surrounding houses. "It's starting to cause some foundation problems."

One of those houses, happens to be Clark's. "I've noticed a few cracks in my ceiling." She says she's even noticed cracks on the outside of her house.

Padesky says there's a few reasons why houses near the overlay are suffering the damage. "We just have to get people to slow down, we had talked about maybe reducing the speed limit but that's not going to do anything if we can't get enforcement on it."

Clark agrees, while the speed limit on that road is 30 miles per hour, speeding is becoming more of an issue. "They're going at least 45 or 50 and then the main thing is the semi trucks and the heavier trucks are going at rates of 45 or 50 too and that's just causing that road to deteriorate even faster."

Padesky says the Finance and Personnel Committee agreed to come up with a plan within the next 30 days to redo the overlay, which would cost around $200,000. He says it might be difficult to find the money, but it's a necessary project in the area. "I think if we bring awareness to it, we'll find some money and get it done next year for sure."

Clark says it might not be the only solution, but construction is definitely a start. "I also believe that it should be a long term solution versus just a temporary fix or a band-aid."

Common council members say they'd like to see constant flashing red lights on the intersection for cars going north and south on Losey from midnight to 6 a.m.

They also say it would be helpful to add 'this is your speed signs' along the road so people can actually see how fast they're going and slow down when they need to.


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