The biggest steam paddle wheeler ever built stopped in La Crosse Wednesday morning.

The American Queen Steamboat will be docked in Riverside Park until 5 p.m., when it continues on to St. Paul. The public will not be able to tour the inside of the steamboat due to Homeland Security issues.

"It’s very relaxing and it’s for any age and for handicap people," said Marilyn Morton. She and her husband were taking the boat tour for the first time. They’re from Denver, Colorado.

"You do this because you wanna do something different than getting on the Interstate," said Marilyn’s husband Doug.

The 400-foot long and 90-foot wide steamboat started its trip in St. Louis and will go up the Mississippi River to St. Paul.

PHOTOS: American Queen in La Crosse

Captain of the American Queen, John Boyle is from Marinette, Wisconsin. He says he always recommends one specific thing when his passengers dock in La Crosse.

"I tell them to stop and get some cheese," Boyle said with a laugh.

The captain said he loves coming to La Crosse as part of the steamboat’s tour along the Mississippi River.

"It’s been an adventure," Boyle said. "The upper Mississippi River is of course my favorite part of it, between St. Louis and St. Paul and it actually gets the prettiest in the La Crosse area."