Affordable housing now an option for single, student mothers in La Crosse

Affordable housing now an option for...

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - As a 17-year-old, Diamond can tell you being a teen mom has its challenges.

"It's that I always feel like I'm never doing enough or I should be doing better."

But that hasn't stopped her from dreaming of becoming a social worker some day.

A goal she wasn't sure she could meet as a young single parent.

"A lot of young mothers may end with high school or start college and not know where to go from there," she said.

But the Three Rivers Scholars House in La Crosse is allowing Diamond and single mothers like her to pursue a higher education while being able to afford rent and other responsibilities.

"I like the idea of having roommates who also have children because you know they can understand a lot of the stuff that young mothers go through trying to juggle school trying to juggle work and being a parent at the same time."

Scholar House advisor Barb Pollack says this affordable housing option has been a longtime goal for the city and it creates a stress-free environment for single mothers working to pursue a career.

"So to have an opportunity that these women can be with their children and feel safe and have them run around and be kids again."

Diamond says it could have been easy to give up, but now the possibilities seem attainable.

And she'll continue to fight for her future.

"I'm still going to do great things, I'm still going to go to school, I'm still going to get a job, I'm still going to be a good mom."

Diamond is now applying to Western Technical and Viterbo in hopes to pursue a career in social work.

Three Rivers Scholars House currently houses two single mothers and they have one more space available for a single, student mother.

There will be a fundraiser this Thursday for the Three Rivers Scholars House from 5 to 7 p.m. at 927 Mainstreet.

The fundraiser will include a cookout, live music, raffle tickets and door prizes.


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