Time is running out to get health insurance coverage under President Barack Obama's health care law.

Nationwide, people who aren't covered have until the end of this month to sign-up.
Gundersen Health System is one of the providers in our area offering insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act.

Gundersen's Director of Sales and Marketing, Greg Skemp, says about 60% of the people who have enrolled in Gundersen's plan so far are over the age of 50.  Less than 20% are under the age of 30.

The numbers are similar around the nation, and troubling for insurance providers.

"If that demographic continues, it's going to be tough for health insurance companies to make the math work. Logic tells you, experience tells you, the older your demographic is, the higher claims are for most people," says Skemp.

Uninsured people who don't meet the deadline won't have insurance for the rest of the year.

They'll also be fined $95, or 1% of their taxable income.