“I believe God has a plan for everyone and hopefully she gets better,” said LaCoste.

Boehme has almost nothing to her name but some precious belongings tucked away in bags that she carried with her everywhere. But she does have all the hope that brighter days are ahead.

“To have everything in my life in order and to be able to have a house with my kids, to be able to work,” Boehme said in November. “I'm not over yet.”

LaCoste still wants to help any way she can. She’s hoping to make a visit to Gundersen Lutheran soon.

Fitzpatrick said Boehme called the Warming Center home for 25 out of the 30 days last month.

At that time, Boheme was also working with a couple of agencies that were helping to get her back on her feet.

Officials at Gundersen Lutheran still say Boehme remains in critical condition.

Police tell News 8 the driver has not been ticketed at this time.

This is the second incident among the homeless in two weeks.