LA CROSSE, Wis. -- There's a heated debate going on between two states.

It all started when the Wisconsin Department of Tourism website used an image of a mitten to represent Wisconsin earlier this month.

Wisconsin claims they use the mitten image all the time to point out to people where they live on their hand.

After seeing the mitten image on Wisconsin's website, Michiganders were shocked to say the least.

Now, it's a friendly rivalry between the states to determine who is the real "Mitten" state.

It all started with an image of a mitten on Wisconsin's Tourism website. That got Michiganders a little upset.

"We were shocked, we were amazed," said Dave Lorenze, Manager of Public and Industry Relations at Travel Michigan. "We couldn't believe it that our friends in Wisconsin would do this because the truth of it is everybody knows there is only one mitten state and that is Michigan, Pure Michigan."

Dave Clements of the La Crosse Convention and Visitors Bureau will tell you the same story, just the Wisconsin version.

"Well Wisconsin of course," said Dave Clements, Executive Director of the La Crosse Area Convention and Visitor's Bureau. "I mean look, here's Green Bay, here's Milwaukee, here's Madison and over here is La Crosse. I mean everybody knows that."

And Wisconsinites seem to agree, there's only one clear "Mitten" state.

"This is totally Wisconsin," said Kelsey Stevenson, a UW-L student. "If I flex my pinky finger out, it becomes Wisconsin."

"This is the perfect shape of Wisconsin," said Patrick Welch, another UW-L student. "If this was Michigan, it would be two hands. I mean unless they forget about their Upper Peninsula, I'm just saying, Wisconsin

So what about that Upper Peninsula? How does that fit in? Wisconsinites don't seem to think that mitten fit right.

"You'd have to break or dislocate your thumb severely to represent the Upper Peninsula," said Stevenson. "You could maybe pull it off with the Lower Peninsula but the U.P.? No."

"People who live in Michigan, we've used both hands to represent both the Lower and Upper Peninsula even though the Upper Peninsula hand's a little bit different," said Lorenz.

"Give me a break, OK?" said Clements. "It's one hand. If you're going to do both hands how do you point to where you're from? That's what it’s all about."

Some people think this rivalry has to do with our states' sports. The Packers have been doing so well and the Badgers beat the Spartans this past weekend. Wisconsinites think Michiganders are just upset and need something to pick on. So, they picked the mitten.

The official "mitten state title" could soon be settled once and for all. Both state tourism agencies are launching a website so people can vote for themselves on who they think is the real "Mitten" state

To vote head to

Michigan is wagering a basket of fresh fruit in exchange for Wisconsin beer and cheese for whichever tourism agency wins.