Washburn Neighborhood receives $16,000 revitalization grant

Published On: Jan 10 2013 03:16:45 PM CST   Updated On: Jan 10 2013 03:16:29 PM CST

Homeowners in the Washburn neighborhood of La Crosse are getting some extra help to fix up their houses.

It's part of a $16,000 grant from the La Crosse Community Foundation Johns, Flaherty & Collins-Michael Stoker Memorial Fund, along with support from the Foundation’s Neighborhood Initiative grants.

Homeowners, bounded by Jackson Street, West Avenue, Cass Street and the Mississippi River, can receive up to $800 to help repaint or repair their homes. The goal is to get residents invested in the neighborhood and improve the overall look of the south side.

The money could be the push homeowners need to make repairs.

"It's hard to sometimes get that impetus to actually get your house painted, we all talk about doing it a lot but to actually do it takes some time, effort and money and I think this grant will help people do that," said Heather Quackenboss of the La Crosse Community Foundation.

Tess Sibley has lived in the Washburn Neighborhood for the past 10 years. She says there are several upgrades she would like to do like painting and adding new trim and will definitely take advantage of the grant.

Sibley thinks the money will go a long way, especially in a place where neighbors help neighbors.

"What one person does, kind of there's a ripple effect, I help somebody, somebody helps somebody else, and I think that is what this grant is going to do if it helps me or somebody else, it will have a ripple effect," Sibley said.

Homeowners interested in the grant can do the work first and then apply for reimbursement of up to $800.