Residents of the town of Holland got a chance to see how solar power works.

The Town Hall held an open house showcasing a newly installed photo voltaic system.

The new system uses net metering, which means the town will receive a bill credit for any unused excess power sent to the grid.

Town officials say the new system costs $54,000 but energy savings will pay the town back within 15 years.

The town clerk says that over a 30-year period, the town will save $86,000.

Officials say the solar panels are in response to new power lines coming into the area.

"We did a lot of searching and talking and determined that we need to be leaders. What we need to do is talk about making energy localized. If you have localized energy, you don't need to have these power lines going all across the country. And so we're like, well, let's put our money where our mouth is. Let's spend some money and be forefront of that leadership and say OK, solar's a good thing. Let's do it, " Marilyn Pedretti, Town of Holland clerk said.

The Town of Holland will also offer bulk buys to anyone within the Holmen Fire District.