We're learning more about an incident on the Western Technical College campus that triggered their emergency response plan.

According to La Crosse police reports, a student wrote a note threatening to shoot another student February 25.

Police were called to the campus but the student could not be found. A friend of the student said the man had been acting strange lately and may be off his medications.

An all-campus email was sent out alerting faculty and staff. The man was eventually located off campus.

The school said no lockdown was ordered, but they did follow emergency response protocol. It's something they are always working on and improving.

"Anytime there is a big national event, we'll take lessons learned from those events and try to incorporate them into our response plans as well, so that’s always a continual process, not necessarily because of this incident so that's something that'll continue to move forward," said Shelley McNeely, Western Technical College Dean of Students.

McNeely says all the new construction and renovation plans on campus will also include increased safety in buildings.