As our community watches the school shooting tragedy in Connecticut unfold,  many of us have questions, especially our own children.

A pediatric psychologist from Gundersen Lutheran says as confusing as this may be for adults, it can be even more confusing for kids. "I think it's really important that parents create an open environment for communication that they allow for children to sometimes take the lead on come of the questions and not push too hard. There may be some children that have no awareness of this right now and that's okay, it's okay for us all to take some time to reflect and be thoughtful about how we might share that information with children," said Gundersen Lutheran Pediatric Psychologist Sarah Trane.

"You might see either being more withdrawn or acting in just a different way that's out of their character, and that's when you might start to pay attention to what's happening to them and to listen and to really listen to what they're saying. If it looks like they're having a hard time communicating at all then it might be all right to sit down with them in a calm an environment and see if they might be willing to share some information."