In the battle over baldness, those fighting on the follicle front lines now have a destination for a little rest and relaxation, where bald is apparently beautiful in the eyes of local ladies: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

According to a poll on, a matchmaking website for singles aged 50 and up, the beachfront getaway was named the best spot in the country for bald men to gain copious amounts of attention from women, the Sun Sentinel reported.

The dating site found that bald men reported more dating success with the opposite sex in Fort Lauderdale, with New York City coming in second and Phoenix rounding out the top three.  

But follicle-challenged men told the newspaper that they don't think the city's high marks for bald attraction holds true. Most said they're not feeling the love from Fort Lauderdale's ladies any more than their pals with full-flowing locks.

"I think there are more women that don't like bald heads than those that do," resident Marty Brown said.

Since the poll focused on a particular group, it was unclear how non-balding men fared in the top 10 cities.

However, another study found that 50 percent of men will go bald by the age of 50, and 73.5 percent by the age of 80. So they may just find out eventually.

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