Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson talked about jobs in the state during a stop in La Crosse on Monday.

Senator Johnson met with the La Crosse Chamber of Commerce to discuss removing federal barriers to creating Wisconsin jobs. He pointed to the 2007 recession, saying the recovery within the state is slow and Wisconsin could be doing better.

Johnson says the key to improving both the state's and the country's economy is reducing overbearing taxes and regulations.

"We have to realize we're in a global economy. Trust me, I've exported products to 27 different countries. We've got wonderful workers here in Wisconsin and America. We could compete as long as we reduce the regulatory burden, set up a competitive tax system, and utilize our God-given energy resources,” said Senator Johnson.

Russ Feingold was also invited to speak, but was unable to attend today's forum. The Chamber of Commerce says they have invited him to speak again in the future.