It may not be the world's most expensive pizza, but Vancouver's C6 pie still comes at a $450 premium.

The pricey pie offered by Steveston Pizza Co. is topped with black Alaskan cod, a thermidor of lobster and comes with a side dip of Russian Osetra caviar, founder Nader Natami told The (Vancouver) Province newspaper.

Customers must order the pizza 24 hours ahead of time. Perhaps not surprisingly, only one person has indulged in the delicacy, UPI reported.

A scaled-down version called the C5 is also available for $120 that features roasted garlic, Icelandic scampi, smoked steelhead and lobster ratatouille. Natami has sold seven of those creations so far.

"I never thought I'd sell so many," he told The Province. "The idea was to make a culinary statement."

While certainly pricey, Natami's offerings pale in comparison to the $12,000 pizza offered by Italian chef Renato Viola in 2008, according to For that price, three chefs cook the pizza in your home using mozzarella di bufala, three types of caviar and lobster. The pizza is then dusted with Australian salt hand-picked from the Murray River, according to The Province.