LA CROSSE, Wis. -- A La Crosse man whose body was found last week in a park died after taking a presciption drug.

The body of 40-year-old Anthony Ducharme was found Thursday afternoon in Red Cloud Park.

Five people have been arrested in connection to Ducharme's death. Cain Moss, his father Robert Moss, and Christina Lorenz are all being held on possible charges of hiding a corpse.

Andrew Seekamp, who police wanted to question as a person of interest, and Patrick Valiquette both appeared in La Crosse County Court Monday afternoon.

Prosecutors say Cain Moss and Lorenz bought a Fentanyl patch, a narcotic painkiller, from Seekamp and later gave it to Ducharme on Tuesday at Robert Moss' home at 1909 Wood Street.

Cain Moss, Lorenz and Seekamp went back later and found Ducharme dead.

Robert Moss, Cain Moss and another man allegedly took Ducharme's body to Red Cloud Park went and dumped it.

Seekamp is being held on a $250,000 bond. Valiquette is being held on a $100,000 bond. All five suspects are expected to appear in court again August 12.


LA CROSSE, Wis. -- Two more people have been arrested in connection to a suspicious death in La Crosse.

59-year-old Patrick Valiquette was booked into jail on Friday. He's being held on a charge of hiding a corpse.

19-year-old Andrew Seekamp, of Sparta, was also booked into jail on Friday. No charge was listed.

Authorities say their arrests are related to a man's body that was found in Red Cloud Park in La Crosse on Thursday.

A total of five people are now being held in connection to the man's death.

Authorities still have not identified the victim.

Prosecutors say some of the people involved provided the man with drugs, leading to his death.

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Patrick Valiquette

Andrew Seekamp

Cain Moss

Robert Moss

Christina Lorenz


LA CROSSE, Wis. -- One day after police found a man's body in Red Cloud Park on the city's north side, three people suspected of hiding the corpse made their first court appearance today.

Prosecutors revealed some new details of the investigation into the suspicious death. They say 25-year-old Cain Moss, his father 56-year-old Robert Moss, and an unknown white male allegedly took a body from Moss's residence and dumped it on the north side of Red Cloud Park.

Cain Moss lived with his father on the 1900 block of Wood St. and neighbors say Christina Lorenz often stayed with them as well. Lorenz's own house was condemned a few weeks ago, although a neighbor said she sometimes broke in and stayed there anyway.

Prosecutors say Lorenz and Cain Moss allegedly provided a controlled substance to the victim who died shortly thereafter.

"Lorenz and Cain Moss discussed ways to get rid of the body so as not to get in trouble for the controlled substance and be linked to the death," said District Attorney's office intern Edward Minser.

Christina Lorenz's mother Mary Lorenz said this was an accident that spiraled out of control. On Tuesday night her daughter, whom she calls Tina, called her crying and asked her to come pick up her and her boyfriend Cain. They'd been doing drugs at Moss' house with a friend when he overdosed after taking a single hit. Mary Lorenz brought her daughter and Cain over to her apartment. The next day she gave Cain a ride back over to his father's house.