An elderly woman in Prairie du Chien contacted police after receiving a phone call on Tuesday from a man claiming she needed to send money to get her granddaughter out of jail.

The woman told police the man claimed he was a sergeant from a police department in the southern United States. The man told the woman that her granddaughter had been arrested because she was in a car that was stopped for drugs.

Prairie du Chien police say the caller then put the young woman on the phone, asking the elderly woman to not to tell her family and to just send money to get her out of jail. The elderly woman told the caller the situation couldn’t be true because her daughter is only 10-years-old. The caller immediately hung up the phone.

Prairie du Chien Police Chief Chad Abram says the male caller knew the woman who answered by name and her granddaughter’s name.

“As always this is a definite scam and would lead to future financial problems if the money was actually sent,” Chief Abram said in a statement. “I commend the citizen for calling us so we can share her incident to caution other citizens.”