Packers fans call ‘foul’

Published On: Sep 25 2012 07:09:11 PM CDT   Updated On: Sep 25 2012 08:00:28 PM CDT

A controversial call in Monday night’s Packers vs. Seahawks game had a lot of angry Packers fans yelling at their TV screens Monday night.

At Features Sports Bar & Grill in Holmen, service manager Ashley Boehlke said the mood in the Packer fan-packed bar went from excitement to shock.

“There was a lot of yelling. So it was just kind of, ‘Aaaah! We got it!’ And then you could see right away the one official that had signaled the interception and then you see the other guy kind of come out of nowhere with his hands up. And so that's when it went from pure joy to just anger," said Boehlke.

It was the last seconds of the game. The Packers were leading, when Seattle's quarterback throws up a hail mary to the end zone. The replacement referees called it a touchdown and, after an instant replay review, the call is upheld, giving Seattle the win.

"That call lost us the game."

That’s because many people said the replay showed the Packers had full possession of the ball, making it an interception.

Angry fans stormed out of the Features within minutes.

"I didn't see any tears shed, but I'm sure a lot of people were on the verge,” said Boehlke. “Maybe some of the guys went home and cried to themselves.”

Tears or no tears, a lot of fans took to social media to vent about the replacement refs.

Psychologist Ryan McKelley said taking to the Twitter-verse with frustrations about the game is a good call.

"I think it helps people just let it out there. They see that other people feel the same way, you get a sense of community and then you move on," said McKelley.

And if you ask Boehlke, moving on is exactly what Packers fans are going to do.

"Everyone says, you know, ‘I'm boycotting the NFL. I'm not going to watch anymore games.’ I think when it comes down to game day, I think it would be really hard not to turn on a Packer game regardless of what happened," said Boehlke.

A local radio station jokingly threatened on Tuesday morning that unless the NFL brought the union referees back, they would broadcast three hours of polka music instead of the next Packers game.

At least it would have been just in time for Oktoberfest.