A Chaseburg woman is the lucky winner of this year's Oktoberfest Medallion Hunt.

Emily Manske, 20, found the medallion at 10:30 a.m. Thursday under the bridge near the entrance to Houska Park.

Manske says she had been searching for the medallion daily and using clues as her guide.

It was her first year joining in the hunt and after looking everyday, she found it under a pile of leaves.

Manske says it was Thursday's clue that led her to the bridge, and she had some competition finding it. "There was a guy standing right above me on the bridge, so I was doing it very quietly, moving the leaves around with a stick, and then I just put it in my pocket and walked away," said Manske.

Manske was wearing an official, current-year Oktoberfest button and will collect the entire prize package, which includes $500 cash, two tickets to the Festmaster's Ball, several gift certificates, and a miniature replica medallion, compliments of Satori Arts.