A state-of-the-art greenhouse may be in La Crosse's future as several groups work together towards sustainability.

Western Technical College, Mayo Clinic Health System, and Hillview Urban Agriculture Center are working together on a four point plan.  That includes building a state-of-the-art greenhouse on Western's campus as a way to promote local, healthy foods.

The organizations involved say it not only works towards their respective missions, but it offers numerous benefits to the community. "Activities that we can remodel in the greenhouse, the education that we can provide and just creating a focal point for the whole community so we think how we provide food for ourselves and our families, where the food comes from that we eat, and what alternatives we look at in the future, and what alternatives we should be looking at in the future for healthy food choices in the future," said Joe Kruse from Mayo Clinic Health System.

Students from Western will build four or five affordable, energy efficient houses where the old Hillview greenhouse stands. They should be compelted within the next seven years.