LA CROSSE, Wis. -- A trip to back to a 1940's Theater in La Crosse is closer to becoming a reality.

The Hollywood Theater in downtown was purchased this past February. It had been sitting vacant since 2004, but new ownership is working on restoring it back to its 1940's glory.

The plan is to have a performing center and an operating theater with a few less seats for added comfort.

The owner is optimistic to have the theater open to the public before March of next year.

"It's nice to make progress, you can see it's not physical progress, though we do have letters on the floor for the marquee, we have some of the marquee up and running, we have some of the original lights up and running, which is nice, and now we have plans," said new owner Phil Addis.

Addis is looking for people's opinions and donations to help with the restoration on the theater's Facebook page.