“It’s not trending upwards,” said Lee.” It's pretty stable, which is good, and I think we've done some things in our community to help in that regard. We're encouraging people to be active, we're encouraging people to eat healthy and so I think La Crosse is a little bit ahead of the curve, but that's not to say we still don't have a problem.”

Lee said creating good lifestyle habits are easier as kids. If kids are overweight or obese as children, they are much more likely to be obese or overweight as teens and adults.

But obese or not, the Dickinsons said everyone should be treated with dignity, and have the perfect casket on hand to match is part of the job.

“Fortunately now, a lot of the casket manufacturers are making a lot of the oversized caskets in every traditional style,” said Dickinson. “The need is there and when a family does come upon that need, we're there to serve them.”

The 32 inch casket also happens to be about the last size to fit in the average burial plot. Anything bigger would require buying two plots.