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  • Pope: Christians should apologize to gays



    Pope Francis on Sunday said the Catholic Church should apologize to gay people and others who have been offended or exploited in the past.

    By Delia Gallagher CNN
  • Pope finishes big day in NYC

    Pope Francis Madison Square Garden

    Alejandra Villa - Pool/Getty Images

    Pope Francis on Friday finished a whirlwind day in New York City: a speech to the United Nations, a visit with schoolchildren in Harlem and Mass with more than…

  • Pope credited with 'half miracle'

    Pope Francis in Brazil


    Pope Francis is being Pope Francis is being credited with a "half miracle" for turning St. Gennaro's blood to liquid in front of witnesses.

  • Obama: U.S. pope would do just as well

    Obama file

    Pete Souza/The White House

    As cardinals gather at the Vatican to elect a new pope, President Barack Obama said he believes U.S. politics wouldn't stand in the way of an American pope…