Local couple takes leap of faith on leap day

Published On: Feb 29 2012 11:04:08 PM CST   Updated On: Feb 29 2012 10:54:52 PM CST

LA CROSSE, Wis. -- Imagine only having a wedding anniversary every four years. That's exactly what Boyd Lord and Virginia Cress had in mind when they tied the knot Wednesday.

That's because February 29th only comes around four years during a leap year like 2012.

But the groom says that doesn't mean he's off the hook when it comes to remembering their anniversary every year. He says they'll still celebrate their big day on an annual basis.

"Probably every four years, we'll have a big one, but I'm sure there will be some celebration on Febraury 28th or March 1st or maybe we'll get up at midnight and celebrate that brief second," said Boyd.

The couple met when they both worked at Trane Company during a lunchtime kickball game the bride had organized.