Last month, heavy rain and extreme flooding in Louisiana left thousands without food, shelter or power.

Recovery efforts have been slow but the community has started to put the pieces back together.

This week, local Red Cross Volunteer Michelle Tischer returned home after helping with relief efforts in Baton Rouge.

Tischer's main job was working with displaced residents in shelters to find clothes, food and lend an ear to those struggling with the events.

She encourages others to volunteer in recovery efforts.

"You can make a difference. Just being a person down there with a smile or a helping hand, it really makes a difference for these people. You'll be surprised at how thankful they are. Some of these people lost everything expect for the clothes on their back. You just being there with a smile on your face or just simply saying hi. It changes, it makes their day so much better," Tischer said.

Tischer was in Baton Rouge for a little over two weeks.