"So are you done now? Hallelujah, yes! Stick me with a fork. That's on tape, right?"

20 kids. 20 kids from all walks of life have come together to make one very big happy family. "No matter what, you're there. And no matter what mom and dad are going to love you. And that's one thing are kids are always, always going to know."

Here's a couple of interesting family facts: in a few years, there will be 10 teenage girls in the house at once! (Rick says he might move into the garage for awhile!) They also have a 15 passenger van and they still have to take 2 vehicles to go somewhere together.

Now the Steinhoff's wanted us to stress the importance of not just adoption but also the big need for foster care in this country. If you are interested in learning more you can call this number for La Crosse County Foster care information: (608) 789-4834.