La Crosse's Hixon Forest gets a brand-new trail Monday.

The Rotary Vista Trail had a grand opening near the head of the Hixon Forest Trails Monday afternoon. The trail was designed to be an easier route to the top of the bluffs with shallower inclines.

Many of the trails heading towards the top of the bluffs were designed and built by volunteers, but the new Vista Trail was built by professionals to ensure it does not wash out during rain storms as often as many of the other trails do.

"This trail actually follows the contours, so you might be going up for a while and then kind of might go down a little bit as you're climbing up, and that's by design. So there isn't actually like physical features in the trail, but it's designed to shed off water as you're climbing up in elevation,” said WisCorps Operations Director Willie Bittner.

A year and a half of planning and work went into the new Rotary Vista trail.