In rural areas, emergency situations are often difficult and may involve scenarios unfamiliar to first responders and other medical crews.

On Saturday morning, the Wisconsin Academy of Rural Medicine hosted a training drill for medical students and rescue crews.

The event works to better prepare responders for typical rural emergencies.

Officials say it's a great opportunity for crews to gain experience through a real-life setting.

"The firefighters love it because they get a chance to practice these skills in real life and with their squads, with their colleagues. And they also get to learn some of the medical things from the paramedics so they can understand what sort of medical concerns we'll have at the scene. The paramedics love the practice and they get to see more about the rescue and how they can stay safe when they're at a scene. And of course, the medical students get to see it all,"Kimberly Lansing, director of the Wisconsin Academy for Rural Medicine said.

Four rural fire departments, paramedics from Medlink and representatives from La Crosse Emergency Management participated in the event.