Conservancy protects more of Cliffwood Bluff

Published On: Jan 22 2013 10:30:57 AM CST
TOWN of SHELBY, Wis. -

The Mississippi Valley Conservancy (MVC) will protect more of the Cliffwood Bluff in the Town of Shelby after its fourth acquisition of the property was approved on Friday.

The organization bought the property from Gerrard Realty Corporation, which is owned by M. William Gerrard. He owned the property since the 1960s.

The conservancy says it paid for the property with a generous grant from the Paul E. Stry Foundation.  

"We're thrilled that the Gerrard family chose to work with MVC to leave a lasting legacy for the benefit of all who live in or visit La Crosse County," Tim Jacobson, MVC’s executive director said in a statement. "This bluff also can be spotted from miles away on the Minnesota side of the Mississippi River. We’re also very grateful to the Paul E. Stry Foundation for making this purchase possible."

The other properties the MVC concerves on the Cliffwood Bluff include a donated easement from Terry Baier (17 acres), an acre donated by Jay Hoeschler, and 13 acres donated by La Crosse Floral, Inc.