Community supported agriculture 101

Support local farms and try new vegetables

Published On: Apr 23 2013 09:43:42 PM CDT   Updated On: Apr 23 2013 09:46:55 PM CDT
BANGOR, Wis. -

Did you know there's a way to get fresh produce straight from the farm during growing season? That's what a Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, offers.

It's a partnership between local farms and consumers.

The members purchase a share in the farm, and in turn, the farm provides a box of vegetables each week for about five months for every share.

A local farm that offers a CSA is the Old Oak Family Farm.

Kyle Zenz is the CSA manager at the farm, and says it's a great way to support local farms, and sample a variety of fresh produce.

"Things that are very familiar like your lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, then we try to offer other things that people may not be familiar with like kohlrabi or Brussels sprouts or even ground cherries, you know, things that are different that give people an opportunity to try new vegetables and fruits," says Zenz.

On average, a CSA costs between $400 and $600 for the season.