LA CROSSE, Wis. -- It's hard to drive through downtown La Crosse without noticing the cathedral on Main Street.

It's been a part of the community for nearly half a century, which is why the parish is gearing up for a full year of celebration.

Worshipers at St. Joseph the Workman Cathedral are preparing to kick off their year-long celebration this Sunday.

It's all to honor the cathedral's 50th anniversary and the parish's 150 years in La Crosse.

The parish will host events throughout the year to celebrate and provide an opportunity for people from all over the area to visit the "mother church" of the La Crosse Diocese.

Bishop William Patrick Callahan said he hopes the event will allow people to learn about the history of the cathedral and parish in La Crosse.

"People can see some of the beautiful, historic paintings and the photographs. We're encouraging the study of the heritage of how the cathedral got started -- the neighborhood, the formation of peoples, the various cultures and the ethnic groups that have been involved," said Callahan.

Some of the ways the parish will celebrate include lighting the cathedral's steeple, putting together a book on the cathedral's history and placing banners on the Main Street light posts.

The celebration kicks off this Sunday morning at the 10:30 Mass.