"They put together an entire fundraiser by their own," said Martin.

They called the soccer fundraiser "Kickin' up Hope" raising more than $900 for Hosea's Heart.

"It was really fun but it took a lot of time and a lot of effort," said Schuster.

Now in year two at La Crescent, Martin is continuing to share about what she's learned about the world to a new set of freshmen students and they too, are catching the vision.

"Johannes is another student in Swazi. He's collapsed twice in the past week, so I shared some stories about Johannes and in this fourth hour class, one young man raised his hand and said, 'I have a brand new soccer ball can we send it to him?' It just made my heart smile," said Martin.

It's a gift Martin will deliver along with letters from her students for the Swazi children when she returns to her home away from home.

"We're teaching skills to make our students global learners. That's the purpose and for them to connect their stories to someone their same age across the world is an eye-opening experience," said Martin.

But when she goes to Swazi, she'll have a little more on her list of things to do than simply deliver the letters.

"I'm trying to check up on the renovations. Secondly, Tanele who I've been trying to help. Lastly, I get to hand deliver pen pal letters," said Martin.

And while they may just be letters to you and I, to the children in Swazi, they are so much more.