A man dressed as Batman who made headlines for nabbing a bad guy now says it was all a joke.

Police in West Yorkshire, England, were baffled when the portly caped crusader brought them a 27-year-old man accused of burglary before disappearing into the night.

They released surveillance video of the incident, and images of the "super hero" went viral around the world.

A day later, it's revealed that "Batman" isn't Bruce Wayne, but a 39-year-old delivery driver named Stan Worby, Reuters reported.

He said he agreed to accompany a friend to the police station as moral support, and donned the ill-fitting costume that included gloves, a cape and a mask as a practical joke.

"Obviously it was done as a joke," Worby told ITV's Daybreak program, saying he was "gobsmacked" by the attention.

The friend he accompanied to the police station has been charged with handling stolen goods and fraud-related offenses, according to Reuters.