Last year's single-gender English 9 pilot program was such a success that through the requests of students and the interests of additional teachers, the administration decided to add more single-gender classrooms in additional subjects.

"We have three sections of all-girls weight training; two this semester, one next semester. For the incoming freshman, we offered Algebra 1. And we have one section of all girls roughly about 28 students," said Fleig

This year, upperclassmen are included in the single-gender classroom choices. The all-girls weight training class is offered to students in grades ten through 12. And the decision to join didn't weigh too heavily on the 72 students who signed up.

"I think I was more comfortable weight training with just girls," said Hannah Carlson, Central High School junior. "Cause I know I can get kind of uncomfortable when boys are there watching you."

And being among peers of the same gender is offering some students a little extra strength to tackle specific subjects.

"I think now in school we're a little more cognoscente of students fitting in," said Fleig. "We want them to feel part of the school community. We want them to feel comfortable here. And this is a way to offer them something they can become engaged in."

And if students are engaged, they're asking questions, sharing ideas and making choices... which encourages the learning.