"Things and people will come along who don't want us to fly, and we just have to block them out," said Ammie. "The fact is, there will always be people like that, and we can never let them pull us down. We have to go on in our lives with, hope, happiness, strength and courage. If we would let those bullies get to us, we would never get anywhere in our lives."

"I read it the first time, and I thought this is really good," said Sue. "But the second time I read it, I was totally blown away by it."

Ammie was hoping the judges would be too.

"She kept saying, 'I didn't win. I know I didn't win.' She'd check the web site... there's nothing on there. Well, on December 7, which was my birthday and she told me she was gonna win this for my birthday, they called," said Sue. "I just freaked out."

"I didn't think I was going to win'" said Ammie. "So, this is really cool because I've wanted to go to New York for a long time."

This announcement was music to Ammie's ears along with the potential sounds of past bullies and bullying victims living in harmony.

"The message is you can do something about what's happening to you and make your life better, make the world better by writing about it as Ammie did or taking a stand," said Przytarski."

"In her essay, she said Elphaba defies gravity. I think Ammie can, too," said Sue. "I think... I'm going to get all teary-eyed now. Ammie can, too. And I think anybody can. They just need the support to do it."