Ammunition flying off local store's shelves

Published On: Mar 15 2013 05:47:58 PM CDT   Updated On: Mar 15 2013 06:02:19 PM CDT

As the gun control debate continues in Washington, local hunting and sports stores are seeing their ammunition fly off the shelves.

It's selling so fast, store owners are having to put limits on how much a customer can buy at one time.

There's a new addition to the ammo shelves at Monsoors in La Crosse, a sign reading, "One box limit."

"We've had to limit the amount of ammunition that we'll sell customers," said Monsoors owner Roger Wendling.

He had to start the limit on his last shipment because suppliers can't keep up with his orders.

"It picked up around election time and then it's picked up even more since the legislation started," said Wendling. "We increase our orders and we order with more places but they still can't manufacture enough so you're not getting anywhere near what you ordered."

It's a trend Winona State student Stephen Styza has seen in other parts of the state as well.

"I live near the Milwaukee area and there's a larger population and more people are buying up ammo out there than they are up here," said Styza. "With these gun bans going on, people are looking to stock up before they initiate these bans or even start with the confiscation, so people are going to try to get as much as they can before things go into effect."

While legislation in Congress focuses on assault weapons, the shortage includes ammo for many different guns.

"Some of those go into AR (assault rifle) style guns but most of them go into pistols and so forth, but there's even a shortage on powder and primers," said Wendling.

As Styza waits to see what the future of firearms will be, he doesn't expect the shelves to fill up any time soon.

"With the way things are headed right now, people are boosting up their Second Amendment issues. More people are going to be buying. More people are going to be hoarding," said Styza.

Wendling says he has not had to increase the price of ammo, but he says most stores won't be running any discounts for the time being.

Ace Hardware and Wiebke Fur and Trading also tell News 8 they're having a hard time keeping up with the demand for ammunition.