Airfest is returning to La Crosse and they are bringing a big act with them.

The Blue Angels have agreed to perform during the 2014 Airfest. The Navy flight team known for flying just inches apart at high speeds, receives 600 different show requests a year so it's special for La Crosse to be chosen.

Airfest is returning in 2014 after taking several years off.

Organizers say the ability to book a big act like the Blue Angels is critical to putting the airshow on. "We need to get that kind of a draw to be able to put on a good show and we want to make sure to keep it always a good show for the performers that come in, the Blue Angels that are here and then also as far as the people that attend our show," said Airfest President Ron Schmal.

Airfest is also hoping to book some civilian performers and ground displays. For more on the show, go to