HOLMEN, Wis. -

Hundreds of miles away from the tornado wreckage, Boy Scouts in Holmen are doing their part to help out victims in Oklahoma.

It's a motto Scouts live by -- be ready to help others at all times.

The Scouts of Troop 91 in Holmen said even if it just means helping out for a day, that could be all it takes to make a difference.

"Thank you," said Boy Scout Carlos Aguilar, as he collected money from a driver.

Off South Holmen Drive in Holmen, a nice sign, a wave and a "thank you" can go a long way.

"Just trying to get their attention so they can read the signs, and they can maybe come and drop money in a bucket," said boy scout Jeremiah Sesvold.

All of the money collected will go to the Red Cross to help victims of the tornado that ravaged Moore Okla., Monday.

"It just seems like the right thing to do," said Aguilar.

For Agulair, it's personal.

"One of my friend's family members lived over there, and they were about a block away from the damage," said Aguilar. "So their house got damaged a little bit, but not very much."

"We want to thank you so much for your support," said Boy Scout Jeremiah Boardman as he collected money from a driver.

They plan to be on their feet for eight hours straight collecting money, waving and holding signs.

"Taking some arm rest breaks," said Boardman.

Boardman said it's worth it.

"We're just mostly out here to just support, and do what's right for other people like every other person should," said Boardman.

"We appreciate your donation," said Village of Holmen president Nancy Proctor."

Proctor is also doing what she could to help the troop.

"It's my community, so I have to help," said Proctor. "I got $200 in the first hour."

And after a long day's work, the Scouts said it will be a day well-spent.

"I'm just taking out one day of my life just to help out people that are in need," said Aguilar. "It just feels good to help."

This troop has a history of raising money to help natural disaster victims.

In 2007, they raised $3,000for the American Red Cross to help flood victims.