Three people are the recipients of an award that recognizes their spiritual efforts to improve our community.

Father Robert Cook, Tom Hundt, and Jane Steingraeber are this year's Iverson Freking Award recipients. It was announced Tuesday.

Father Robert Cook served a number of places of worship in our area and the La Crosse Diocese before retiring two years ago.

Tom Hundt served in the Army for more than 36 years and is a very active volunteer in the community.

Jane Steingraeber has a masters degree in Nursing, but spent her time as a stay at home mom raising four kids.

She found time to volunteer at her kid's school, in nursing, and in healthcare. "By recognizing them, they can also be an inspiration to others to volunteer; a role model for youth of today as well as those sitting at home right now saying 'I could do something,'" said Bethany St. Joseph's Board of Director's President Sue Schultz.

The awards will be presented at a banquet in January. The public is welcome to attend but must make a reservation.