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Timeline: Cleveland kidnappings

Published On: May 08 2013 10:25:55 AM CDT   Updated On: Oct 11 2013 10:45:38 AM CDT

A state report was released stating that Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro may not have committed suicide in his jail cell on Sept. 3, but instead he may have accidentally asphyxiated himself during a sexual act. Take a look at key events in this horrific case.

Ariel Castro, 7-26-2013
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July 26 -- Ariel Castro, accused of raping and holding three women captive in Cleveland for close to a decade, has agreed to a plea deal that recommends he be sentenced to life in prison without parole. Castro is charged with 977 counts, including aggravated murder on suspicion of ending the pregnancy of one of his alleged captives.

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