History of the Koreas

Published On: Mar 11 2013 02:37:15 PM CDT   Updated On: Feb 20 2014 10:05:35 AM CST

One hundred North Koreans were reunited with their South Korean relatives Thursday after being separated for half a century due to tensions between North and South Korean governments. Take a look at the history of the two Koreas.

Korea history 3 - South Korea
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National Archives and Records Administration

At that point, the United States and Russia split Korea at the 38th parallel, with the Russia military occupying the north and the U.S. occupying the south. The south elected Syngman Rhee, who was against communism, as its president. The north was ruled by communist dictator Kim Il-Sung beginning in 1946, and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea was founded in 1948.

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