About 20% of children in Wisconsin are living in poverty. That number drops to 13% in La Crosse County. Those numbers are according to the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families.

The organization was part of a presentation and panel discussion Monday night on the topic.

They say numbers have been trending in a positive direction thanks to the economic recovery, but say there's still work to do. "We're also concerned about the number of kids who live in low income neighborhoods and also just making sure that their families have support of jobs and the kids have health insurance," said the Deputy Dir. of the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families Jim Moeser.

"What I think the real neat thing about events like this is there's a lot of brainstorming that happens from those that come and are involved in table discussions we can take forward, and there are a lot of good things that can come from them," said La Crosse Co. Human Services Dir. Jason Witt.

The speakers say a big reason for our area's low numbers is the willingness for businesses and organizations to collaborate.