A jury on Thursday ordered Samsung to pay Apple $290 million for copying iPhone and iPad features, The Associated Press and Reuters reported.

A previous jury found that more than two-dozen Samsung products infringed Apple patents, the AP reported. Thursday's verdict covers 13 devices.

Apple was awarded $1.05 billion by the previous jury, the wire service reported. However, a judge tossed out $450 million of the damages.

This case is one of several Apple-Samsung patent battles that have played out or are playing out in U.S. courts, and dozens more are being tried abroad. Billions of dollars are on the line, and the companies are warring to take each other's products off the shelves.

The good news for consumers is that the trial proceedings in such disputes typically take so long that the products in question are often long obsolete by the time a judge rules.

The two companies are the biggest players in the world's $300 billion smartphone market, the AP reported.